Alia Bhatt Is In Love Again, With Someone Really Adorable!

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Yes, you heard it right. Alia Bhatt herself has admitted and flaunted her new lover all over the internet. We were also stunned after listening to this news. No wonder so many hearts got broken too. So we decided to look into the core which flabbergasted us more. And we were left with nothing but Aww…

alia bhatt

 The new guy in her life is actually very endearing and they look magnificent together.

alias boyfriend

Do not gnash your teeth or get annoyed by my words. Check this out, guys… Yay!! Get a smile on your face and welcome “Edward Bhatt” new entrant in Bhatt family and love of Alia Bhatt’s life. LOL!…

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How to litter train your cat? Here is the answer!

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Are you a cat owner or planning to bring a kitty home? Then this article will help you. Here in this article, we are going to discuss how to litter train a cat. Naturally, cats stay clean and they have the instinct to discharge in soil or sand. And when we talk about kitten they also start learning to use the litter box by observing their mother. So mostly there are chances when you bring a kitty home she has already learned to use the litter box. If not then we will help you.  Even after going through this you feel you are left with some doubts then don’t stress yourself feel free to -

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Following are the simple steps which will help you to litter train your cat -

how to litter train your cat

A. START FROM THE BEGINNING  – Most of the owners feel that litter box is not among the basic necessities for a kitten. But this is not true. So, soon after you bring your kitten home introduce her to the litter box. This can be done by placing her into the litter box or if she is little uneasy about it then you can help in another way as well. Take her front paws in the box and show her to scratch at the litter by actions.

B. TYPES OF THE LITTER BOXES – There are a variety of litter boxes available offline and online like covered, uncovered, self-cleaning boxes to fit in corners. Covered litter boxes give a sense of priority to the cats and it is safe also. Cats prefer to discharge when nobody’s watching. Self-cleaning litter boxes automatically do the cleanup.Uncovered litter boxes discharge the bad odor of the discharge and easy to use as well.

Here suggesting good quality litter trays for cats –


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A simple guide to feed your cat!

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cat toys


How much should I feed my cat? This is a dilemma for all the cat owners. So do not worry, all your queries correlated to cat feeding guidelines are being solved here. Cats are special and their feeding guide has to be different. A suitable balanced diet comprising with all the prime nutrition and ingredients is essential for the health and growth of everyone including cats.

Here in this article let us discuss the complete feeding schedule for your kitty from the stage of the kitten to adult. There is a complete elaboration on the feeding guidelines which includes schedule, food brands, types of food, suggested food and harmful food for your cat with requisite instructions. Even if you are stuck into any queries and confusion feel free to -

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At the outset let us know cats in brief. Cats are true carnivores. Now here you might be thinking what exactly it means? A true carnivore is the one that requires meat in its diet. It really doesn’t mean they cannot eat any other food but the focus is on meat. Also, another trait of cats must be known as they are a desert animal which helps them to preserve water for a long time.


When you bring a kitty home the thing to be kept in mind is food should not be changed all of a sudden. Try to follow the same food which the kitty was eating before. And by passing of the first week the old food can be changed with the new one by mixing it reasonably. A few days or weeks old kitten has a very delicate stomach and hence the variation in food is likely to upset their digestive system and affect the health of the kitty.


cat feeding schedule



Here suggesting some food for your kitten/cat –

If you are having a Persian cat then you can feed – Royal Canin Persian Kitten Food 2kg

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How should kids handle guinea pig aggression?

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Guinea pigs are a favorite pick for a kid’s pet. After all, they have a reputation for being adorable little furry friends. Furthermore, they are least known for their aggressiveness. Guinea pigs are also popular because they don’t cost much. In fact, you can buy one from a pet store for only $40-$60.

However, even gentle beings like guinea pigs may snap at your kid once in a while. That’s why it’s important to know how you and your child should handle a biting furry ball. Read on and find out how to prevent those ugly bites!


Causes for Aggression

Let’s first get down to the root of your guinea pig’s unusual behavior. As said earlier, the furry bundles of joy rarely get mad. The few instances when they do so include:

  • They are testing for dominance. If you are taking care of two guinea pigs, there’s a chance that they’d fight for the alpha position. This life phase occurs when your pet reaches 3 to 18 months. If they become too edgy, the animals would end up fighting each other.
  • They are agitated by the weather. A sudden rise in temperature may trigger an undesirable temper and frustration on your guinea pig.
  • They are becoming too territorial. A guinea pig usually directs its aggression to another of its kind. However, your pet could also get hostile with you if it feels like you’re invading its territory.
  • They are ill. A guinea pig may exhibit unusual behaviors if it’s sick.

 Signs of Aggression

How do you know if your guinea pig is already picking a fight with you or its cage mate? Since your pet could not talk, you’d have to pay attention to its behaviors. Some of the signs that your guinea pig is on to something are the following:

  • Butt sniffing
  • Butt dragging
  • Butt nudging
  • Chasing
  • Mounting
  • Nips or light bites
  • Nose face-offs
  • Posturing for an attack
  • Raised hair on the back of the neck and along the spine (called hackles)
  • Rumblestrutting
  • Snorting
  • Teeth chattering (a little chatter indicates signal of dominance while a sustained one means anger, aggression or warning)
  • Wide yawning

Most of these behaviors mean that one or both of your guinea pigs are testing who’s more superior than the other. The movements and sounds would take a while, but in most cases, would eventually subside. If it escalates into a brawl, perform necessary measures.

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A complete flea & tick prevention guide for dogs & puppies.

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dog summer fashion


Flea and tick are the major troubles which every dog face. A lot of pet owners get concerned when they spot small brownish sort of insects on their dog’s body. And due to lack of awareness, they start giving the medications to the dog which likely ends up giving detrimental consequences and sometimes loss of the dog. So, here in this blog, we are going to give you a comprehensive idea about these annoying insects followed with infographic, medications, Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs and Puppies precautions and requisite instruction. Even if you are left with several queries feel free to –

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Flea and tick

 Flea and ticks are two different types of parasites which are found in the external environment resulting in severe discomfort for dogs if not cured on time.
  1. FLEAS- are blood sucking wingless insects which are transmitting in nature. If we go in numbers there are about 2000 types of fleas. They can be found everywhere but mostly prefer warm, humid conditions.
  2. TICKS – these are not insects but can be said to be close cousins of spiders and mites. If we go in numbers there are about 80 types of tick species. Like fleas, it is also transmittable, harmful and can be found everywhere and anytime.


  1. The first place to check the fleas and ticks is the pet’s fur. First, divide the fur if you are able to see small black/brown color thing, then you are on the right step.
  2. Comb your dog using flea and tick comb, you will come across some bumps or critters moving quickly.
  3. Wear white socks and take a walk in the areas where your dog just spends some time frequently, you will see some black dirt kind of thing like black pepper on your socks known as flea dirt.
 Before beginning with any kind of treatment or applying flea and tick products, it is imperative for you to know how many of these annoying insects are there in your dog’s body. Here listing comprehensive yet easy instructions for you. You are advised to follow the instructions accordingly for better results.
  1. Make sure to muzzle your dog and strictly not allow the dog to lick during application of these products. Always do the application of these products under supervision.
  2. For puppies below 4 months, only flea and tick powder should be applied.
  3. Always consult your vet and take proper precautions.
  4. Start from counting how many ticks are there in the dog’s body. You can do this by the above-mentioned process.

C1. – If you see 2-3 flea and ticks then you are lucky as your pooch is in the first stage and it is easy to cure. For up to 2-3 flea and ticks you can choose among the below-mentioned products -

 1. Flea and ticks Shampoo -

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How to deworm your dog?

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Deworming or also known as worming. This is a process of giving appropriate medication to the dog to get rid of the worms or parasites like tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, whipworms. These worms dig up into the intestines of the animals and affect their digestive systems in such a manner that they are likely to lose weight, get pale gums, anemia and even result in bad diarrhea. Every pet parent wants their pet to be healthy, hearty and energetic so deworming plays a significant part to sustain a healthy lifestyle of your pet.


Our support team encounters numerous questions with regard to deworming as what it is? When deworming should be done? What are the medicines to be given? Etc. Here, is the answer to all your questions related to deworming. The elaborative description includes the deworming schedule, medications, work of dewormers, symptoms, types of worms along with the necessity of deworming also taking the help of infographics. Even if you stumble upon any doubts and needs any sort of suggestions, feel free to

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At what age deworming is to be done? What should be the interval of deworming? These are the two most vital questions which every pet parent come across. Whereas the worming schedules vary from dogs to dogs and also with age as well. Here tried to present in the simplest way –

 dog deworming schedule


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Puppy feeding – a complete guide

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When a puppy is coming home, there are lots of excitement, fun clubbed with confusion and stress. We have noticed there is a long list of questions our support team experiences regarding the feeding guidelines of a puppy. Hence, decided to un-layer the feeding guideline of your puppy so that you can greet your homecoming puppy wholeheartedly.

Here in this article the comprehensive feeding guideline has been discussed with tables and infographics and explained in such a way, it makes uncomplicated for you to follow the routine. Even if you bump into any kind of worries or get dwindled feel free to –

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When a puppy comes home he is just a few weeks old and I should say a baby coming home. So, the first question that worries every puppy owner is what should they feed to the puppy? Shall they start the new food or carry on with the old one? Here is the answer. As puppy has delicate digestive system hence, it is advised not to disturb the same and go on with the same food given to him. The old food should be given for a particular which means for a week and later the old food should be mixed with the new food. There is a range of food available for puppies in the form of starter which comes in the form of powder (cereal) and as well as dry form.


puppy feeding guideline up to 3 months

puppy feeding guidelines


1. Feed your puppy at the same place and same time.
2. Don’t offer food from table while eating
3. Feed your puppy after you and your family has done with the meal
4. Avoid your puppy jumping about 1-2 hours of eating
5. Always keep water available in a bowl for the puppy throughout the day.


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Rottweiler Puppies For Sale – How much they cost & Why?

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Petswill puppy cereal


Rottweiler – One of the most misunderstood breed. Let’s know them in detail. Rottweiler is a giant breed originated from a small town in southern Germany. In the early ages, they were well-known as drover dogs as they were used to drive livestock. If look back to the history, during Industrial revolution their population declined whereas again in early 1990’s they attained recognition as police dogs and are still ruling the charts. If I have to portray them in one word it will be quite complicated as they are composed, audacious, devoted, protected, obedient and fearless. It is a misunderstood fact that Rotties are dangerous; actually, all they need is a serious and diligent trainer who is self-assured and can train them all the way through.


 They are just a four legged toddlers who needs to know their strength. They are loyal, robust and sometimes furious and once trained and exercised desirably, they become the best breed ever. Also, they can live in any environmental conditions with appropriate exercise.

Let me introduce you with the Rottweiler and unquestionably you will get one home.


One can easily purchase Rottweiler puppy in between the range of Rs.18,000 to Rs.21,000 in Visakhapatnam. It is always suggested to buy these dogs from a well certified and original breeder. Never purchase from mills, animal farms or puppy farms.You can save yourself from negative traits of a dog by choosing the right breeder and right puppy. In order to save your homecoming puppy from unwanted and hereditary diseases, it is strictly advised to check health certificates of puppy parents and the puppy as well.


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Ensure Pet Safety During Holi – Do’s And Don’ts

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The chilling winter is saying bye to us and we are welcoming the spring with our hands widespread. The weather is changing, flowers are blooming, squirrels are coming out and we are stuffing our woolens back to the box. Whereas what reminds me of these changes in nature is the Holi. Holi – the festival of colors, the festival of joy which makes everyone from kids to grown-ups eager and energized. I guess they must have started filling their water balloons.

ensure pet safety during holi

Holi is a festival for us and it is not being enjoyed with pets or any animals. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the various ways to ensure pet safety during Holi. Holi means colors and interaction of colors with the pets may cause unsafe outcome and even so often terrible. It may terrify your pet and can cause stress, phobia, pain, partial loss of vision etc. Though some of the pets love to enjoy but there are some who are so petrified of the shrill noises, abrupt exposure of colors that they go missing. Even if you have additional doubts feel free to contact us -

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Let’s have a discussion about what should/must not be done during Holi -


           1. AVOID CHILDREN  -

The first and foremost thing to be done during Holi is to keep children away from pets. Kids love Holi more than anyone and in this excitement, they may pour colors on your pet. Which is likely to frighten your pet and affect its skin and coat leading to allergies and infection. Even the pet might love to play with colors but it should be a big no for them. Advise your children not to engage your pet in Holi and teach them to respect your pet.

         2. WATER BALLOONS -

Day by day Holi come closer, it makes everyone thrilled about the water balloons. Filling the balloons with colors and then throwing on to the people around. Ultimately, if you have witnessed the water balloons on yourself then probably you must be aware of the pain and sudden shock. Just keep yourself at the place of the pet. That sweet little animal will definitely outrage or get frightened from the same.

         3. SAY NO TO COLORS

 Any type of colors will result in harmful effects to your pet so it is advised to enjoy with friends and family and not with pets. It is a general misconception that dry color will not affect the pet. But as I said it is a misconception any color contains chemicals, toxins, lead etc, in an amount which will definitely affect the pet.


Generally, even after trying a lot, some or the other colors comes in contact with the pet. In such cases, it is advised not to use kerosene or any other toxins to clean your pet. Just use a mild and light pet shampoo and give a normal bath. That would be enough.

        5. DO NOT FORCE THEM -

If your pet seems to be not interested in what’s happening around, do not force them into anything, like taking them out, making them eat sweets. food or drinks. As Holi is a festival which means lots of sweets, drinks, food will be there. So, just avoid extra feeding to your pet.


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As we have discussed above what must not be done, now here we will discuss some general and basic things that you must do when you are a pet owner -

ensure pet safety during holi - Do's

           1. WATER-

Always keep a water bowl ready. Make sure to arrange a sufficient amount of water for drinking as well for cleaning their eyes in every 2-3 hours. Also, once in a while glucose can be substituted with water for drinking purpose.

          2. ENGAGE THEM-

Make appropriate arrangement for your pet to keep them away from the crowd. It is suggested to keep them busy with their desired games, toys, treats, television or any of their interesting stuff.

          3. HIDE THEM -

To avoid serious and destructive concerns and hitch of the colors, it is advised to hide your pet during the time of festival and when people are around with colors. 

         4. NATURE’S CALL -

As it is advised not to overfeed them, even if you see their drooling mouth, control your emotions. Make sure to take them out before the festival starts for nature’s call or a happy-go-lucky walk which will in a way relax them.

         5. PETTING -

You might be busy with friends, family, as it is a must await festival of the year and also this does not make you wrong. But, make sure in all these festivities, you do not avoid your pet. A small pat, a hug, call, clap, rubbing their back can do wonders. Even it is advised by the psychologists that petting helps.


Sometimes, even if after taking so many precautions some or the other affects just remains. And if the same happens and you feel your pet is behaving not in a normal way. Suppose if your pet is showing some symptoms like vomiting, fever, uneasiness etc, then don’t wait for a second and rush to the vet. Keep the vet’s number on speed dial. Also, pre-arrange some heath care products as advised by your vet.


We must respect and privilege the street animals too. Taking utmost care of your pet makes you great a pet parent but respecting the street animals makes you a great human being. It is our responsibility to take care of the street animals and not to hurt them. Try to take an effort to stop the one who is trying to hurt them as well.

Holi is all around the corner, everyone is making plans for the most waited and colorful festival of the year. This Holi celebrate with your pet but not make it messy for them. Take extra yet utmost care for them and all the animals around you. Let’s make this Holi a trouble free for all of them.

Wishing You A Joyful And Safe Holi!



Dog Shampoo Brands : Our Top 3 Budget Picks

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Dog shampoo plays a significant role in dog grooming. All pooch parents want their dog to be hale and hearty. Along with this, they also want to retain healthy and shiny fur of their dogs. Having a healthy and soft coat and fur helps the dogs to remain energetic. And bright shiny fur adds charm to your dog making many heads turn. For satisfying these requirements every dog owner must have a good quality dog shampoo in your dog cabinet.

dog shampoos online

Here in this article, we are disclosing our top 3 picks of dog shampoo brands within budget, some essential tips to consider while buying a dog shampoo and directions to use the same with an infographic. Even if you have additional doubts feel free to contact us -

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Nowadays maintaining a healthy and shiny coat of the dog is not a difficult task. As many shampoos are obtainable online and offline market. The main dilemma appears while choosing a dog shampoo. So here we are to help you by listing top 3 brands of dog shampoos.


Dog Shampoo

Dog Shampoo Brands Range Click To Buy

The above-mentioned dog shampoo brands come with all the basic and trusted features which will help your dog to maintain a healthy and shiny coat. Also, the given brands not only come within your pocket but also take care of your dog’s coat in all the situations. Here, I mean to say with changing weather and climate the requirements for dog’s coat also varies.  From allergies, infections, flea and ticks the mentioned shampoos will help you in all the needs. Your dog’s needs and requirements will be well served.

The comfortable part of using a dog shampoo is they are used often. This is because using dog shampoo on a regular basis will definitely eliminate essential natural oils from dog’s coat. Now, dog shampoo is not only used for bathing purposes, but also for removing flea and ticks, reduces hair fall, itching, rashes etc.

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