Make Fish Care Easy

Make Fish Care Easy

If you are a fish lover, you will definitely have the same opinion with me, that sitting next to the aquarium relieves all the worries and always pops a smile watching these stunning creatures swimming. A small session is enough and you end up sticking to the aquarium for hours even not realizing the time.

Almost everyone wants to keep an aquarium. If you are planning for a fish or already a fish owner then swim along. There are certain general terms and conditions one should always be glued up with before buying a fish.

Make Fish Care Easy

Buying a fish –

Before buying a fish you should definitely ask the following questions –

Regarding the growth of the fish, specifically in size eg;

  • How big will the fish grow?
  • Then the appetite of the fish?
  • If a fish grows in a bigger size it means its appetite will also increase?
  • Does that fish eat other fishes in the aquarium or nip their fins?
  • Does it eat plants?
  • A large size fish might be scary in appearance to those tiny little fishes so it should be pre-checked, whether it will scare other fishes or will it get wild?
  • Now comes the temperament of the fish –
  • Is the particular fish aggressive, or is too shy?
  • Does the fish prefer to live alone or will easily mingle with the existing group?
  • Will it dig the bottom of the aquarium?

Now if you are satisfied with the above answers, know the price, if it is pocket-friendly get it home and welcome in the aquarium.


Time to decide the aquarium


Time to decide the aquarium-

Basically, deciding an aquarium is the second step. Why? Because, once you do proper research about the fish you want to bring home, it will be easy to make an environment for it, in which the fish is more adaptable.

Compatibility between the fish and the aquarium is very much important. So, to make it simple, you need to consider certain aquarium decisions. Here you go:-

  •  Size – “The bigger aquarium the better is your fish”. To give your fish extra space and less stress, allow her to swim around, then it is suggested to buy a considerable big aquarium. Slightly bigger environment will give a secret boon to your fish. Extra water absorbs extra unnecessary toxins of water and some tour mistakes can be avoided also.
  • Place – Aquarium must and should be placed where you spend more of your time. It needs attention, care, maintenance. Or else it will stress your fishes.

The place where you have decided to keep the aquarium should not be tacky which means there should be an adequate place around it. Make sure proper ventilation is there even if the area is enclosed. It is advised to cover the aquarium as it will lower down the humidity level and reduce the amount of evaporation as well.

  • Necessities  – Apart from deciding the fish, aquarium, and food, work is not over there are certain important items that you should definitely add to your list.

Apart from deciding the fish, aquarium, and food, work is not over there are certain important items that you should definitely add to your list.

  1. Filter – to remove extra and decayed food particles, waste, dangerous chemicals, etc.
  2. Heater – is used to warm the temperature of the water and to maintain the temperature from going below to a certain level as required for the healthy fish.
  3. Test kit – to measure ammonia, nitrate/ nitrite, ph
  4. Water conditioner – helps to remove chlorine from tap water.
  5. Plants – here natural plants would be advised as it benefits your fish by water filtering, shelter, etc.
  6. Decorations – gravels, pebbles, rocks, cascades. Like us, they also need privacy, a place to chill, hide, rest.

Suggested brands – Pawzone


Make Fish Care Easy - food

Food –

Like every other animal fish also needs adequate nutrition and a balanced diet. Feeding right will make your fish healthy and beautiful.

  • Normally fish only need to feed once a day.
  • The amount of feeding should be small.
  • Overfeeding can lead to sickness or even death of your fish.
  • The food which you provide must contain basic nutrition.
  • Do not allow extra food to stay in the water as it will get stuck in the bottom or decorations and will start to decay.

There are varieties of fish food available in the market in various brands. Here suggesting some – Taiyo, Taiyo Pluss Discovery, Tetra, Okiko

Make Fish Care Easy - healthy tips

Healthy tips –

Following these general tips will increase the lifespan of your fish and will give healthy living. Easy and effective ways are here –

  • The aquarium must be kept away from sunlight.
  • Water temperature must be maintained stable.(The presence of AC and heating     vents can drastically affect the water temperature.)
  • The aquarium should be properly leveled on the floor, better to prevent any hazard.
  • Any stuff that is being used to keep inside the aquarium must be preferred to wash initially.
  • Use of soaps or chemicals to clean the aquarium is strictly prohibited.
  • Slowly insert the fishes in the aquarium one by one.
  • Partial water change is recommended every two weeks.
  • Clean out the plants now and then. Also, remove dead plants.
  • Use a water conditioner etc to keep the water safe.

If you buy any random fish and keep them in an environment you like may result in health issues and might result in the death of the tiny fish. Which no one wants. So a little knowledge and research will not cause any harm but will result in creating super strong bonding between you two and a healthy and increased life span. Whether you buy one fish or want to keep a big aquarium or already have one. This information will definitely help you. 

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