IAMS Dog Food Review

IAMS Dog Food Review

IAMS vs Royal Canin :

IAMS has tried its best to include the best possible ingredients in that budget. However, it is not super premium food. With price comes the quality. On comparing IAMS  with Royal Canin, Royal Canin, Farmina, Hills or Orijen the super-premium foods always fare better. Obviously the prices are high for these as the ingredients are super-rich and their quality is not compromised. However, IAMS has tried its best to give you good quality food in the budget. IAMS use animal-based proteins with wholesome ingredients. They don’t add artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. If you are looking for super-premium nutrient-packed food for your pets then you can opt for Farmina and Orijen, and if you are looking for good nutrition packed dog food that keeps your wallets happy, then IAMS dog food is the best budget pet food.

IAMS Dog Food :

IAMS dog food offers a wide range of food that includes tailored nutritious food specific to a dog’s age, size and breed. IAMS comprehensively label the ingredients that formulate their recipe in a balanced way which provides complete nutrition. It also contains animal-based protein and they use only quality meats. IAMS is considered as a pocket-friendly food with rich ingredients packed in it.

IAMS Dog Food Review

IAMS Dog Food Ingredients :

IAMS  food is a premium high-quality nutrition-packed food which nourishes your pet, giving it optimum growth. The ingredients list includes chicken meat which delivers sufficient protein which helps the pet in muscle growth. Additionally, a rich lean protein is provided with the corn extracts along with the vitamins that enrich the pet skin coat. With these, IAMS pet food is considered as a good premium food. Most importantly IAMS  strictly excludes soya and artificial preservatives from its ingredients. IAMS is a good dog food which gives the pet strong and lean muscle growth with balanced nutrition. It’s always a good habit to start IAMS pet food from the puppy stage. Changing the brands may affect your pet’s immunity and digestive system.

IAMS puppy food is given to pets under 1 year of age. IAMS  puppy small-medium breed is premium high-quality nutrition food for puppies which ensures the optimum level of health and growth. IAMS proactive health formula has pre-biotics and beetroot pulp which helps the digestive tract to promote a healthy digestive system and strong immunity. It consists of Phosphorus & Calcium that helps strengthen the bones. Crunchy kibble reduces sticky deposit on teeth and it has Vitamin E which promotes natural development. It has a balanced ratio of Omega 6 & Omega 3 fatty acids which helps to improve healthy Skin coat. 

IAMS small breed dog food is having a great vegetable ingredient which gives the best fibre minerals and antioxidants which is very good with the small breed or puppy immunity and skin improvement. IAMS food is a very good option for small breeds and also medium breeds. IAMS puppy small and medium dog food should be habituated from the starting for its meal intake. 

IAMS Puppy Small-Medium Breed

IAMS puppy large breed dog food is given to pets under 1 year. IAMS puppy large breed’s concentrated nutrition proactively nourishes your large breed puppy. It contains natural fish oil, a nutrient vital for optimal brain development. It mainly extracts protein sources from chicken and eggs which helps to build strong and firm muscles. IAMS dog food provides essential nutrients that nourish the heart and minerals that promote strong teeth and bones. It is also rich in antioxidants that develop a strong immune system. Complete and balanced kibble specially designed to maintain the growth and strength, and it also focuses on joint and muscle growth of large breed puppies.

IAMS puppy large breed ingredients contain chicken, fish, whole grains such as corn and sorghum, fruits and vegetables such as carrots, spinach, apples, beetroot pulp and blueberries which satisfy your puppy’s tummy. The majority of protein comes from chicken and chicken by-products and fish which contains 26% of it that will help for the growth of puppies. And it is also formulated with vitamins, minerals and with calcium which is helpful for the proper growth and development. 

IAMS Puppy Large Breed Dog Food

IAMS adult small breed dog food is given above one year. IAMS Adult small-medium breed dog food is made with premium nutrient-rich food for dogs aged above 1 year. IAMS adult small-medium breed food is completely formulated especially for medium size dogs which contain high quality of ingredients and delicious tender, juicy chicken. IAMS food recipe contains a high ratio of animal-based protein which will provide energy to your pet needed to stay active all day long.

It has essential vitamins and minerals that include Omega 3 fatty acids that improve healthy skin coat. To maintain a healthy digestive system they use fibre to encourage the slow (required time) digestion system IAMS adult small breed dog food is a protein-rich food which ensures power growth in muscle and stamina and its crunchy kibbles removes sticky deposits in teeth that helps to maintain dental hygiene. 

IAMS Adult Small Breed Dog Food

IAMS Adult large breed dog food is given above the age of 18 months. This is when they have attained adulthood. Adult Large Breed dogs need a lot of energy through their food to fulfill their requirements. Also required are lots of nutrients and a properly balanced diet which helps to improve their health. IAMS Adult Large Breed dog food mainly contains chicken as their first ingredients and the other ingredients such as whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. It maintains a balanced ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates and this food is perfectly suitable for most of the big adult dogs. The supplement named Glucosamine and Chondroitin is present to support healthy joints. Added L- Carnitine helps to burn calories and promote a healthy metabolism. Crunchy kibbles with STPP helps to reduce tartar build-up.

The main ingredients of IAMS adult large breed dog food are chicken besides that it also has corn, sorghum, barley, beetroot pulp, dried eggs, flaxseed, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, and blueberries. This food is quite rich in flavour which contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants needed for a large breed. According to the dog’s lifestyle and health, it depends upon nutrition ingredients and rich proteins.

IAMS Adult Large Breed Dog Food

IAMS is receiving happy smiles globally, customers are showering their love towards IAMS DOG FOOD. Pet owners see noticeable growth and improved health in their pets. Few of the testimonials are mentioned below:

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