10 Indian Celebrities & Their Pets

10 Indian Celebrities & Their Pets

The Indian Stardust is no behind, when it comes to owning the lovable Pets. Ranging from Superstars to daily soap actors, every celebrity is animal Loving. Not only the famous Dogs but also horses are affectionate among Indian stars. Let’s have a sneak into a few stars from different fields so as what is in whose embracing arms.

Captain Cool – MS Dhoni:

India’s cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a self-proclaimed ‘absolute pet-lover’. Recently, Dhoni adopted a rescued stray puppy from the ‘Hope and Animal Trust’ in Ranchi adding to his companions list: a German shepherd, Sara, a Labrador called Zara and a Weimaraner named Zoya.

10 Indian Celebrities & Their Pets - Captain Cool MS Dhoni

Amitabh Bachhan: 

Big B has a Piranha Dane for a pet, whom he has named Shanouk and loves spending time with.

10 Indian Celebrities & Their Pets - Amitabh Bachhan

Salman Khan: 

Salman Khan owned two French Mastiffs, which he named Myson and Myjaan. He has also got a Labrador Retriever called Mowgli, a Saint Bernard called Saint, a Napoleon Mastiff called My love and other French Mastiff called Veer.

10 Indian Celebrities & Their Pets - Salman Khan

Yusuf Pathan: 

Indian cricketer Yusuf Pathan has innumerable Pets, in which some are dogs, including horses, cats, and parrots. He is so aesthetic towards animals that he visits Gir Forests every month to contemplate with Lions. He has a Farmhouse where he has diverse flora and fauna.

10 Indian Celebrities & Their Pets - Yusuf Pathan

Randeep Hooda: 

Randeep spent early years of his life with his grandmother and always had a pet since childhood. “I have very meaningful names of my horses and I call them Ranji, Johnny Walker, Simply Supreme, Rommel, and Atillay… I can recognize them and so can they,” he said while introducing his five horses. He has been a dog lover since childhood and now is very intimate to Candy: a female Pariah.

10 Indian Celebrities & Their Pets - Randeep Hooda

Rahul Gandhi:

Some would say it’s like-master-like-dog for Rahul Gandhi and his terrier Piddi. Both prefer behind-the-scenes action. Piddi, is known for charming his master’s visitors as he determinedly follows the Gandhi scion around his Tughlaq Lane home in the national capital.

10 Indian Celebrities & Their Pets - Rahul Gandhi

Saina Nehwal:

Besides all her adoration and achievements in badminton, what Saina finds sheer love for her pooches – Macho and Chopsi.

10 Indian Celebrities & Their Pets - Saina Nehwal

Virat Kohli: 

India Test captain Virat Kohli is known for his aggression and fearlessness on the field. However, off the field, he is an emotional and lovable person. His first pet was a white Pomeranian, after that, he had a golden Labrador Retriever named Rico. Today, he shares his affection with Bruno, a Beagle.

10 Indian Celebrities & Their Pets - Virat Kohli

John Abraham: 

John Abraham was the cover of the calendar of a celebrity Pet-Owning Event, endorsing the adoption of stray animals in Mumbai. The eight-week-old sisters – Moon (white) and Lolo (black), and one-year-old Undi made the Robust John melt. Though John doesn’t own a pet, he endorses several animal oriented Concerns.

10 Indian Celebrities & Their Pets - John Abraham

Manish Tiwari:

Senior Congress leader Manish Tiwari has Tibetan spaniel Onyx as his family member. He says on a humorous Note, ”My wife got Onyx for my daughter almost five years ago and the pet is now almost 40 in human years now — a more seasoned veteran than I!”

10 Indian Celebrities & Their Pets - Manish Tiwari

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