Top 5 Best Bird Food Products

Top 5 Best Bird Food Products

This is a compilation of the best selling bird food in the market

*The following list is in no particular order

Vitapol XL Mineral Block for Birds Natural

This mineral block is loaded with the goodness of fruits. It’s not just attractive and delicious for the birds, but also very easy to use for the human owners. All you have to do is hang the plastic hanger attached to the mineral block to the cage, and that’s it!!! The birds will peck on the block to their heart’s content. This pack contains 4 mineral blocks with ingredients like natural minerals, orange peel, and apple.

Vitapol Economic Food For Cockatiel

This food is exclusively meant for cockatiels. Cockatiels find this food very tasty as it contains wheat flakes, 3 types of millet seeds, dried carrots, natural vitamins, etc. This bird food makes sure that the bird’s feathers have an intensified growth and coloration.

Vitapol Food for Zebra and Exotic Birds

This bird food product is meant for exotic birds. It is enriched with yellow millet, canary grass seed, red millet, niger seed, and many more ingredients. These ingredients ensure that the bird doesn’t put on the extra weight and remains healthy.

Vitapol Vegetable & Fruit For Big Parrots

This bird food pack is bombarded with veggies & fruits and is meant for big parrots. It has fruits like dried pineapple, papayas, dehydrated carrot, pea flakes, and apple. The additional minerals, vitamins, and seeds in this food enable the parrot with strong immunity to fight with diseases. Also, the weight of the bird is kept in check.

ZuPreem Natural For Medium & Large Parrot

ZuPreem Natural For Medium & Large Parrot is daily nutrition for medium to large birds. It contains carrots, celery, beets, watercress and spinach ground from fresh vegetables for delicious goodness. Formulated with high-quality ingredients to provide consistent, balanced nutrition in every bite. It is in pellet form. As per many reviews, parrots love this food and enjoy their meal thoroughly.

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